Myung-Bo Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and started to produce screws for a variety of magazines and ceilings, double-bladed screws and screws for wood.

Our priorities have always focused on guaranteeing that every transaction is based on a customer-friendly foundation and that competitive pricing is available for the highest quality products on the market. We are committed to keeping our valued customers satisfied. We provide its customers with quick delivery, no matter the size of the order.  

while we believe in providing world-class quality in our products, we use graded raw materials while developing our products to ensure the same.

Quality screws are a must-have item in many different industries, from construction to manufacturing and beyond.

As a professional screw producer, we will produce products for advanced machinery, electronic products, automobiles, construction materials, and office devices. 

Indeed, we mainly produce magazine screws, self-drilling screws, wing screws, drywall screws, stainless steel screws, anchor, panel caps, and rivets.

Why buy from us? What separates us from the competition?

Our commitment is to provide superior value and help our customers get their jobs done better than their competition. We provide a pleasant and seamless customer experience. 

We will focus on exporting to provide overseas customers with our innovative and future-oriented products. We will satisfy our customers with the quality of products and quick delivery.

We look forward to your encouragement and support so that we grow higher. We wish your prosperity.

Premium products at competitive prices!

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